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The Perils of Neglecting ADHD Self Care

One of my ADD coaching clients has been having a really hard time managing her Attention Deficit lately. Her ADHD self care has gone by the wayside. She’s a student in graduate school, a mom and a grandma. So you can understand why her life is over-the-top hectic. I’ve been coaching her for a few… (read more)

Adult ADD / ADHD – How To Remember To Drink Water

In my last ADD Success blog post I shared why drinking enough water is important in managing Attention Deficit. Today let’s talk about how you can remember to drink water if you have ADD / ADHD. After all, as with most things Attention Deficit, knowing isn’t enough. This isn’t Knowledge Deficit Disorder. The tricky part… (read more)

Does Dehydration Increase ADD / ADHD Symptoms?

If you’ve spent much time browsing my ADD Success blog you know I often rattle on about decreasing ADD / ADHD symptoms with good self care: sleep, diet and exercise. I’m about to add another item to my list: drink enough water. Linking dehydration and ADHD symptoms came to my attention last week while I… (read more)

ADHD Success: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Isn’t it odd how our ADHD makes us love change and excitement yet transitions and lack of routines totally mess us up? Transitions, changing from one activity or circumstance to another, certainly makes me loose my traction. When my routines get jumbled I can literally feel my brain spin out of control. Combine transitions with… (read more)

Why Self-Care Is Important to Managing ADD Symptoms

Lately I’ve posted many ADD Success blogs about how to manage your ADD / ADHD symptoms with self-care: exercise, sleep, diet and supplements. Self Treatment for ADHD: Remembering To Take Your Supplements Why ADD / ADHD Adults Don’t Exercise Why Exercise Helps Manage ADD / ADHD Symptoms What’s the link between ADD / ADHD Symptoms… (read more)

Six Guidelines for Taking ADD / ADHD Supplements

Taking your supplements and vitamins to get the best results for treating your Adult ADD / ADHD can be a bit confusing. What time of day should you take them? With or without food? How fast will they work? Today I’ll share with you my six guidelines for taking ADD / ADHD supplements. The first… (read more)

Self Treatment for ADHD: Remembering To Take Your Supplements

At the risk of sounding like your mother, “Take your vitamins!” Vitamins and supplements, especially Omega-3 Fish Oils, are important parts of self treatment of ADHD / ADD. You know you need to take vitamins, but do you? If not, why not? If you’re like my ADD coaching clients, you probably don’t take your vitamins… (read more)

ADHD and Exercise: Don’t Get a Dog

Lately I’ve stumbled across articles and blogs suggesting getting a dog will help people with ADD / ADHD get more exercise. Another good idea mugged by a gang of facts. A dog is not a treadmill. A dog is not an ADHD management tool. Get a dog and your list of daily tasks immediately explodes…. (read more)

ADHD and Exercise: Find Your Key to Motivation

Have you lost your key? The key to unlocking your motivation to exercise? Motivating yourself to exercise with Adult ADD / ADHD isn’t rocket science, but you do have to outsmart your resistance. Dana to the rescue! I’m here with my keyring of exercise motivators; real life ADD Success stories about what gets me and… (read more)

Why ADD / ADHD Adults Don’t Exercise

I’m curious. Why don’t you exercise? Especially if you know how essential exercise is to managing ADD / ADHD Symptoms? I don’t ask this question to make you feel guilty. I’m simply trying to make you aware of what’s blocking your path to ADD Success. Awareness is a necessary skill for managing ADD / ADHD…. (read more)