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Does Dehydration Increase ADD / ADHD Symptoms?

If you’ve spent much time browsing my ADD Success blog you know I often rattle on about decreasing ADD / ADHD symptoms with good self care: sleep, diet and exercise. I’m about to add another item to my list: drink enough water. Linking dehydration and ADHD symptoms came to my attention last week while I… (read more)

True Confessions of an ADD Mom

I’m primarily an ADD / ADHD Business Coach. That’s why I don’t often write about my challenges around being a mom with ADD. Yet, I had a flash of awareness last night I believe will help other moms in coping with ADD / ADHD. Since Attention Deficit is genetic, most of the ADD moms I… (read more)

Why Self-Care Is Important to Managing ADD Symptoms

Lately I’ve posted many ADD Success blogs about how to manage your ADD / ADHD symptoms with self-care: exercise, sleep, diet and supplements. Self Treatment for ADHD: Remembering To Take Your Supplements Why ADD / ADHD Adults Don’t Exercise Why Exercise Helps Manage ADD / ADHD Symptoms What’s the link between ADD / ADHD Symptoms… (read more)

Six Guidelines for Taking ADD / ADHD Supplements

Taking your supplements and vitamins to get the best results for treating your Adult ADD / ADHD can be a bit confusing. What time of day should you take them? With or without food? How fast will they work? Today I’ll share with you my six guidelines for taking ADD / ADHD supplements. The first… (read more)

Self Treatment for ADHD: Remembering To Take Your Supplements

At the risk of sounding like your mother, “Take your vitamins!” Vitamins and supplements, especially Omega-3 Fish Oils, are important parts of self treatment of ADHD / ADD. You know you need to take vitamins, but do you? If not, why not? If you’re like my ADD coaching clients, you probably don’t take your vitamins… (read more)